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About Muneq

Role of municipalities in urban landscaping has been increasing day by day. Today urban landscaping & beautification have become one of primary duties of municipalities; while their scope of works is mainly limited to basic city requirements; such as; transportation, infrastructure works, waste management at the beginning and mid of 20th century. Such a widening in scope of municipalities has brought a big diversification in municipal supplies. MUNEQ has been established to reply this diversified municipal supply requirements. In this sense, MUNEQ has been providing integrated solutions for municipal contractors in city beautification and landscaping including following supplies;

Benches, Seats & Tables,
Gazebos & Pergolas,
Indoor-Outdoor Waste and Recycle Bin Units,
Outside Fitness Equipment,
Led Lighting Stones, Bordures & Furnitures,
Manhole Covers,
Traffic Signs,
Bus Stations,

Thanks to its creative and innovative product portfolio, MUNEQ could also serve wide range of different sectors apart from municipalities, such as; construction companies, landscaping contractors, shopping malls, construction markets and local distributors . In this sense; MUNEQ has the capacity of delivering orders composed of different product types in all over the world no matter what the order quantity is.

MUNEQ products are manufactured from different raw materials with high quality as per customer needs. By taking product type, usage area, climate conditions and characteristics of the region on which the units will be installed into consideration; MUNEQ has capacity & capability of supplying wooden, composite fiberglass, metal, stainless steel and polyethylene units.

Since MUNEQ has very big flexibility & variety in its supply chain; any kind of specific product can be manufactured as per customer design and private labelling is possible for any kind of orders.